About Us

Valley Productions LLC is a creative advertising firm located in Dallas, TX. We provide a wide range of creative services designed to inspire others by promoting your story.

our story

In 2016, Valley Productions founder, Jacob Inman, assembled a team of talented individuals to build a powerful and profitable community of creators. At Valley Productions, teamwork and community are paramount. “We’re stronger when we’re together” says Inman. “I’ve been producing video content since I was in 7th grade, and have worked with too many people that try and do it all on their own. Everyone is gifted at something; nobody was made to do everything on their own. Here at Valley Productions, we let our team specialize and work together to produce a beautiful end product”.
It was this very idea of specialization that formed the bond between Inman and co-founder, Blake Harvey. Harvey, a classmate of Inman’s, is an accomplished business startup mogul with years of financial experience in business growth. This combination of creativity and business strategy has been the driving force behind the early success of Valley Productions. “We have a great balance of client to creative relations  Our client’s stories are what we focus on. We work closely with each brand to include them in the creative process” says Harvey. “That’s what makes us special, we take time to include our clients so they have a say in how we tell their story; that’s how it always should be”.
Valley Productions offers services based off of its team’s strengths. Photography, Videography and Graphic Design teams work together to accomplish projects like weddings, web design, branding, commercial work and creative storytelling. Valley’s commitment to building relationships with their clients results in authentic work that makes any story inspiring.

our team

Blake Harvey

Owner, Financial Director

As Co-Owner and Financial Director of Valley Productions, Blake handles all of the numbers and logistics of the business. He has years of experience handling finances for many operations. He's also a wizard in Excel.

Jacob Inman

Owner, Creative Director

As Co-Owner and Creative Director of Valley Productions, Jacob assists with day to day company operations as well as managing projects. Jacob has over 10 years of creative experience servicing a variety of different clients.

Robert Lightheart


Buddy Kennedy

Writer, Producer

Kevin Gammenthaler

Graphic Designer

Luke Rabalais

Cinematographer, Editor

Andres Alvarado


Blake Verdoorn


Cesar Rodriguez


Gabe Garza

Cinematographer, Editor

Chris Tung


Austin Robinson

Graphic Designer

Our Values


We understand that what makes our work special is your story. When we create, we do so with your message at the forefront of our minds. Our services are designed to support your story, not dominate them. Think of us as your ultimate hype group!


Each story is unique, which is why we treat each project differently. While large agencies put clients of all sizes through the same mundane process, we know that your story is unique. This is why we carefully craft each project with the highest standards and attention to detail.


Nobody knows your story better than you. At Valley, your input is of the utmost importance to us which is why we include you throughout the design process. We take time to listen, understand your vision and explain our contributions.


Valley Productions are doing some great video work for my company. The team is timely, professional and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew McIntyre

CEO - Puritan Financial

Valley Productions assisted us in a pivotal moment for our company. The video work they produced for us expanded our platform greatly and propelled us into our next chapter of operation.

Mark Berry

Owner - Bread Basket

Valley did a first class job producing content for our Kick In for Houston project. We had a lot of different moving parts and people involved but the Valley team stepped up and delivered something truly remarkable for us. Couldn’t be happier with the results!

Stuart Holden

Fox Sports Commentator - Kick In For Houston

Valley Productions is a valuable partner for Pine Cove. They deliver work that is excellent, creative and always professional. They are a joy to do business with!

Susan Andreone

CMO - Pine Cove

The team at Valley helped us achieve our vision in an unfamiliar area for us. Their communication was timely and they took time to listen to us and explain their ideas in full. The end result was a huge success that myself and our entire team was proud of.

Nicho Hernandez

President - D&J Construction