Kick In For Houston

A comprehensive brand package for a cause


We teamed up with FS1 and event founder, Stu Holden, to bring to life a grassroots campaign to raise money for Hurricane Harvey Relief. When Stu approached us, he had an idea, and we took it and built it from the ground up. Valley provided logo design, web design, brand development and consulting along the way. Using our comprehensive brand package, Stu and Fox Sports were able to successfully raise over $230,000 for Hurricane Relief.


Case Study

Logo Development

From the start, it was clear that Stu wanted a mark that would identify with the task and cause at hand. We set out to achieve this goal by starting with a bold crest shaped design. We then inserted more detailed designs to clearly communicate the goal of the event. A large soccer ball at the bottom doubles as a field with a goal and Texas themed corner flags sitting on top. Stu and our team were very pleased with the overall outcome.

Website Development

Once we settled on a mark for the event, we were able to move on to web development. Our goal was to create a site that quickly communicated information about the event and incentivized the user to buy a ticket or donate to the cause. The celebrity involvement in this event was the driving incentive for users to attend the match. We wanted to clearly highlight the participants and did so by incorporating “player shield icons” with images of each celebrity. We also placed our call to action buttons in primary viewing locations for ease of access to users. The initial goal for this site was just a simple landing page, but the site has grown with the project and its effect on the outcome of the event proved to be paramount.

Brand Development

We knew from the start that Kick In For Houston would have an extremely large reach due to celebrity involvement on many different platforms. This posed a challenge in communicating a uniform message to users. To initially launch the event, we created an original pattern which we used on the site and multiple graphics to create brand recognition. We also wanted to capitalize on the star power involved in this event and decided to create specific graphics for each participant to send out on their own social channels. This played out extremely well and drove thousands of users to our site. Once we had established the brand, we were able to take more creative liberties with our social graphics to expand the brand’s reach. In the end, both parties were extremely satisfied with what we were able to develop and create. The brand that Valley was able to create united celebrities and users from across the country, drove donations and ticket sales and operated extremely well across a variety of platforms. 4 months after Kick In For Houston was conceived on social media by Stu Holden, it successfully raised $200,000 for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

Valley Productions had the incredible opportunity to work alongside these established brands to bring Kick In For Houston to life.